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The Whole Enchilada : MacauTripping.com Launched

» posted by Chuckmonster
  on 1 October 2007 11:01 pm

Six months and thousands of miles later, MacauTripping.com has finally launched. We truly hope that you will find MacauTripping to be your one stop shop for everything Macau, Cotai, Taipa... at least as far as gamblin' goes. Unlike most sites that hit the internet then wither, MacauTripping is a work in progress, we've got a pretty decent array of stuff that occupies the space between the soup and the nuts but there's always more to put in the cupboard.

Trickling out over the next few days will be the full on reviews of all of the joints I stayed at (Galaxy StarWorld, Hotel Lisboa, Wynn Macau, Crown Macau and Venetian Macao). All will be done up to the max with tons of photos, video walk throughs and corny commentary by yours truly.

Additionally, I'll be publishing all the gushy details about MGM Grand Macau including a ton of construction pix and photos of the building models and MGM Grand Macau's adaptation of Bellagio's 'Conservatory'.

Coming a little further in the distance will be a gonzo photo gallery with at least 500 of the 3000 photos I took while in Macau... lots of stuff to feast your eyes and brain on, even if some of them are a little blurry cause I was drunk when I took them.

You may have thought that the end of the trip plus launch of the site means the end of the steady stream of stuff. Wrong. Nothing, I mean nothing could be farther from the truth. We're just barely getting started over here and by the time we run out of crap to talk about, we'll be in Macau again.

Caveat Pimptor: With all new websites, there are inevitably some things that aren't quite finished or don't work as expected. While you travel around MacauTripping, you'll stumble across the occasional programming boo-boo and link that evaporates into the ether, and the occasional missing images. Please bear with us as we apply the last few coats of polish. For now, MacauTripping is certified to be 'close enough for jazz!'


PS. If there are any experienced Macau Trippers out there, please leave a short review on the hotel pages so other folks can know whats up. The more the merrier.

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