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Dr. Stanley Ho Is(n't) Dead

» posted by Chuckmonster
  on 15 October 2009 1:06 am

Update: Looks like ol' Stanley isn't dead after all, check the comments.

We've been hearing very loud rumblings, officially unconfirmed, that Dr. Stanley Ho has died this week.

The eighty-nine-year-old Father of Macau gambling had been in intensive care at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital since undergoing an operation to remove a blood clot in his brain after sustaining a fall seven weeks ago.

One of our sources suggests that the announcement of Dr. Ho's death is being held until after Macau's government elections on September 20th.

Comments & Discussion:

RIP Mr Stanley Ho.

Its the end of an Era with Mr Ho and KP gone.

At least he got to see his Grand Lisboa before he passed away.

I went and had a look at Stanley's latest casino L'Arc last night.
It is like a copy of Wynn but done on a budget without the Wynn style. The tables, chairs and even the roof are identical.
I didn,t see Stanley Ho there but I did see Edmond Ho.

In Regards to l'Arc the whole lay-out (even the gamlbing chips) in my point of view is identical to the Grand Emperor. Both casinos have one Chinese restaurant, one coffee shop, a lobby lounge and some noodle joint inside the casino. Nothing new. I guess not much more needed to satisfy Chinese gamblers, so why waste money on something innovative.

Hi Chuck, Just checking your still with us!!

You may find this interesting http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/

Chuck: You may want to revise the title to Dr. Stanley Ho is Not Quite Dead.

Both the WSJ and FT are reporting him as being alive.



KP came back from the dead as well...these guys are Tough.

Hope Mr Ho's OK must be a difficult time for the family. I am sure Macau's thoughts and prayers are with him.

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