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Macau Residents Organize Against LVS

» posted by Chuckmonster
  on 19 January 2009 11:43 pm

A group of Macau residents, under the name "Concerned Macau Residents Group" have placed advertisements in local newspapers and put together a website (http://www.macauresidents.com) to gather enough signatures to request the Macau S.A.R. to:

to restore our pride injured by Sands Casino's declared preference for Singapore when they had been given great advantages by the Government to make big money in Macau; We want redress against Sands Casino for breach of its agreement with the Macau people.

The group plans to fight the trademark of "Cotai Strip" by LVS under the belief that it's origins - Coloane + Taipa (Co-Tai) - should be the property of the people, not a corporation.

They also take issue with LVS' halting of Cotai projects while continuing to go full steam ahead on Marina Bay Sands project in Singapore.

...why is Sands Casino, a Casino operator allowed to breach the Article 14 (1,2,3) of the Gaming License/Concessions by undertaking non casino related business to compete with existing Macau businesses. If it was a special favour, the Macau Government must now review its decision as Sands Casino has now openly shifted focus to Singapore, to develop a Casino resort to compete with Macau.

Gotta say that this is fascinating stuff and a great example of the people gathering together to make their voices heard. LVS has done a helluva lot to spoil the good graces of the people there, running roughshod over any and all agreements they have made.

FYI, doing a WHOIS lookup on the domain leads to "Domain Discreet" a service which registers domains via proxy to hide the owners name. The address is Avenida do Infante 50.

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WTF Chuck I love your work....but do you need a ghost writer(respectfully toungue in cheek)

OR has Macau just got that Un Interesting?

Where's the Goss Boss?

yeah yeah yeah. i know. i truly wish i clone myself, but its not possible. i have been working on some City of Dreams stuff, but I think my contact there might have left (bouncing emails.) I'm trying to re-establish contact as we speak.

The Trade Marks applied to be cancelled or declared non-registrable include or are exclusively comprised of generic and/or descriptive terms, such as:

“Cotai Strip”, “Macau Strip”, “Strip”, “Asia’s Las Vegas”, “Las Vegas of the East”, “Cotai Central Mall”, “Cotai Center Shops”, “Cotai Center”, “Cotai Inbound”, “Cotai Strip Inbound”, “Cotai Tours”, “Cotai Strip Tours”, “Cotai Travel”, “Cotai Strip Travel”, “Cotai Transfer”, “Cotai Strip Transfer”, “Cotai Inbound Transfer”, “Cotai Strip Transfer”, “Cotai Transit”, “Cotai Inbound Transit”, “Cotai Strip Transit”, “Cotai Strip”, “Asia’s Riviera”, “CotaiJet”, “Cotai Strip CotaiLimo”, “Cotai Strip CotaiTicketing”, “Cotai Strip CotaiExpo”, “Cotai Strip CotaiTravel”, “Cotai Strip CotaiShuttle”, “Cotai Strip CotaiArena”, “Cotai Strip CotaiRewards Club”.

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