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Wynn Diamond Suites Construction Status - April 2008

» posted by Chuckmonster
  on 29 April 2008 3:51 pm

As promised, here's a couple of photos of the current construction status of Wynn Macau's hotel expansion "Wynn Diamond Suites." The photos were taken from a room at the MGM Grand Macau over the weekend. Big huge thanks to HK based reader Kenmack for sharing these with us.

Wynn Diamond Suites Hotel Tower Location

It looks like they've jammed a chocolate crescent into at the corner there. When I poked my head in last time, I just couldn't see how they were going to fit a hotel tower in there... well, they have.

Wynn Diamond Suites Hotel Tower Detail

The view to the east (right) will be the walls of StarWorld and the Arch project. View to the west will be the Macau tower and the bridge to Taipa. It's smart to make this seemingly lousy location - the back inside corner of the Wynn property - a luxury tower. Lord knows the view of StarWorld's wall won't be particularly appealing (even if StarWorld is gorgeous) when the truly killer view is on the other side - the water feature and the Lisboas' loony light show.

Comments & Discussion:

You all think the folks in Macau, or China for that matter have ever seen the beauty of a clear blue sky?

People staying on the first few floors of this hotel aren't getting a view of anything but the side of that building.......

the haze there is truly insane, but all the moisture in the air makes the neon truly dazzling at night.


RockChick - Hahahahahahah!

Maybe they will paint a mural on the side of the casino wall the folks will be staring out at. Perhaps some portraits of the ever humble Steve Wynn himself.

Funny thing here. Wynn demolished a parking structure for the Encore in LV. And the that site in Macau used to house a parking structure as well. What does Steve have against parking structures? Did he back-up in the wrong place in his big-wheel? Did a guard-arm touch him in a funny place as a kid?

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