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Round and Round : Hard Rock at City of Dreams

» posted by Chuckmonster
  on 4 March 2008 11:30 pm

Hard Rock Hotel at City of Dreams, Cotai Macau

Holy Crap.

Even after reading it twice, I didn't believe it, so I gathered up my wife and read it to her to see what she made of the description of the Hard Rock Hotel at City of Dreams. Shocked, she made me read it to her again. Her response was just as fascinated as mine... (minus the blunt language).

Wow. I'd really like to see that.

So what caused this eyebrow-raising hubub? The flowery yet articulate description of the Hard Rock at City of Dreams posted to the website of it's primary architect, Arquitectonica.

The third hotel, the 366-room Hard Rock, is more playful and young than the other two. It is iconic in its own way; the pure cylinder has a series of curved octagons that cantilever beyond its skin. These bands are rotated gradually to create a spiraling effect by the movement of the shadows created by the horizontal eyebrows. They add movement to the cylinder almost like a water spout or vertically flowing water. Even though it is tower's floor plan is circular [their run on, not a typo - Ed], the core and guestrooms are orthogonal, generating suite parlors at the curved corners. [...] The undulating eyebrows provide sun protection to the all glass facades while defining the tower form. - Arquitectonica

This design obviously takes a cue from the famed Capitol Records building in Hollywood (inset), which is supposed to look like a stack of vinyl records. Hard Rock at CoD actually fires up the turntable as the exterior octagonal rings - set askew to each other, and lit, presumably, from below - spin around the exterior of the glass curtain.

How totally awesome is that.

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