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MGM Grand Macau Rings Up US$6.6M in First Two Days

» posted by Chuckmonster
  on 27 December 2007 3:31 pm

Putting the cap on what will be another phenomenal year for Macau's gaming biz, the MGM Grand Macau is reported to have rung up 51.5M Patacas, US$6.6M, in its first two days of operations.

Macau's 28 casinos as a whole appear to be headed for 11 figures in overall revenue - 83B Patacas (US$10B) for the 2007 calendar year... an increase of just over 45%, with December 2007 accounting for about 10% of the total figure.

This is particularly interesting since the casino game of choice in Macau, baccarat, has the lowest house advantage of any game offered there. That give some of you who've never been to Macau an inkling of the sheer volume of play that is going on... both VIP and mass market.

Correction: The title of the article mistakenly had a B instead of an M. Correction #2: Link to source added.

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what was the source for this info? not a matter of trust or anything, just curious, as i find this super fascinating to follow. any idea how a similar big opening in vegas would pull?

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