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Meet Wynn Macau's Doppelgänger...

Way back in 2010 on our mothballed sister site, we pointed your attention to Winn Cambodia, a casino hotel located in South Eastern Cambodia that looked exactly like Bellagio on the outside but used a variation on Wynn Resorts branding and decor on the inside... right down to the trailing period on the embroidered pillow case logo.

In 2016, I'm proud to call your attention to the Zhuhai Guo Tai Hotel, located just over the northern border of Macau in Zhuhai China.

Guotai Hotel Wynn Ripoff

Look familiar? Yup... it's a miniature version of Wynn Macau - itself a miniature version of Wynn Las Vegas. Swooping rooftop, mahogany glass, bulging spine, rectangular curtain wall and creme cake stripes... everything but the curve. These counterfeiters get extra points for the thoroughly lousy logo and even worse placement of it. Yowza!

The similarities continue into the lobby, which contains some obvious Roger Thomas/DeRuyter Butler flourishes but end there. has tons of interior photos of the Zhuhai Guo Tai Hotel.

Guotai Hotel Zhuhai Wynn Map

The Zhuhai Guo Tai hotel is located about 3 miles away from Wynn Macau, just a coupla blocks over the Chinese border. I'll bet tons of folks book this imposter hotel as a waypoint before heading over the border for their weekend baccarat blowout at Wynn. Can you imagine an 8-story Wynn replica in Primm?


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The Chinese have absolutely no shame in counterfeiting luxury brands--I did not think their cooycatting could extend to the Wynn brand, but there it is. I don't if I am shaking my head in wonder or disappointment. I suppose there is no way for the Steve to sue them. Who would adjudicate?

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