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Looking forward to the travelogues (written and spoken), as well as the multiple property/room reviews coming our way. Thanks for all the tips (e.g., on currency exchange, SIM cards, power cords, etc.). I won't be going to Macau for another year or so, but I've been taking notes. Great work, Chuck, Hunter, and John. Did you pull the trigger on the Banyan Tree, Chuck? I cannot remember from the latest podcast.

elginhan - thanks! I have yet to book a hotel room for that night. I'm still interested in Banyan Tree, but am considering some other options. Prices had been going down but I think they may have bottomed out and might start ticking upwards. I'll probably make a decision in the next day or two.

Chuck, would you ever post your Macau chip collection (or parts of it) following your next trip? I like the glittery ones at the megaresorts over there. At what value(s) do you collect chips?

I also appreciate your completist tendencies in documenting Macau casino-scape. There is simply no guide out there as this for Macau!

Yeah. Definitely will post the chips. I got a bunch last time... I generally snag chips that I think look pretty or are part of a specific collection. I'm on a budget this trip so the denominations won't be that big. I've already posted the Wynn chips (they haven't changed), Venetian, StarWorld and Lisboa chips.

I'm working on rewriting all of the guide pages and updating the content. It is taking a bit more time than I had thought. Some of the properties will have to wait until the trip until I can write them up properly.

Oh... and I booked the Banyan Tree today.

Banyan Tree! Yes. I hope it was still under three bucks when you snagged it! Not sure what I think about that wooden tub or the personal swimming pool. It just looks so dang nuts.

I think it's cool you're checking out more of the Asian-based resorts, though I totally get why the Wynn Palace had been your raison d'être for the trip. Well, you figure by the time you make your third trip over there, most of the Cotai megaresorts will be up and running (including Grand Lisboa Palace or whatever it's being called at the moment).

Ok, I'll look for the chip postings. At least the U.S. dollar is strong against foreign currencies -- makes travel and chip collecting a bit easier. Cheers!

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