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Inside Encore Macau

Encore at Wynn Macau is putting the final touches on in advance of its April 2010 opening and we've got a slew of new photos taken yesterday by MacauTripping correspondent Ace Macau. Included are some pics of the building exteriors as well as a handful of beauty shots inside the freshly opened Golden Flower restaurant. In a word, wow.

Enjoy! And big thanks to Ace for hooking us all up with another round of gorgeous photographs!

Encore Macau Porte Cochere

Encore Porte Cochere

To the south is MGM Grand, to the left (not photographed) is L'Arc and StarWorld. Avenida de Amizade is 20 yards behind where this photo was taken.

These sure do look identical to the renderings we posted 8 months ago (since removed a the request of Wynn's lawyer goons.)


Encore Macau Porte Cochere Detail

Porte Cochere Detail

I wonder what is in those wooden boxes. Guns & Ammo?

Encore Macau

Entrance to the "Dore Club"

Presumably private gaming.

Encore Macau

Dore Club signage detail

A cursory search for "dore" doesn't offer much insight... Do they mean Doré the artist? or is "dore" an English phoneticism of a Chinese word? If you know, post the answer in the comments. Thx!

Encore Macau

Exterior Window

That peeks into and out of the brand new "Golden Flower" restaurant (which is open). Outside the "diamond" design is still in effect.

Encore Macau

Golden Flower

Strangely gorgeous and supremely ugly at the same time. Brilliant!

Encore Macau

Tassles Galore!

Strippers everywhere are revolting at the tassel shortage caused by this project.

Encore Macau

Golden Flower Interior

Perhaps we should call this "Sinatra East", same color schemes. I'm interested by the geometrical explosion of "diamond" lattice work in the shoji inspired panel walls and the carpet. The diamond pattern is one of Roger Thomas' favorite motifs and to see him extending the narrative of this shape into slightly more abstracted dimensions is certainly interesting. I'm concerned that this design almost verges on circusy, a dangerous ground for any post-Sarno casino resort.

Interesting stuff overall, can't wait to see it in person.


Comments & Discussion:

I want to marry Encore Macau.

It would be better if a Chinese speaker would comment, but until one comes along... the first two big chinese characters on the Dore Club sign are used in Japanese as "lots/many" and "gold/money". Okay, fair enough.

I wonder if it's related to Dore gold bars? 🔗 

To say that the detail is stunning is a gross understatement.

I'm surprised that we're not seeing room reservations or even a website online. Admiral Hunter made a great point when we discussed this earlier - with only 400 rooms, it's very possible all reservations for some time will be internal through casino marketing. Still, I expect to see something come online within the next few weeks.


Looks like a additional to the Wynn Casino Hotel, not a single stand alone. And really a shot for hard core players (say VIP ;-) ) with Member Clubs and Suites only... Definitly nice, but 100% not the nicest and greatest Wynn work that Mr Wynn says in the past.

Wait till you see inside, it is spectacular and leaves Altira for dead. If Wynn Cotai ever gets built I dont know how he will better it.

Dore is one of the biggest Junket Groups.

I have it on good, albeit old now, authority, that Encore is supposed to entirely high rolls. Not just the rooms, but the casino space, the restaurants, the piss get the idea.

keep hope alive he goes smaller in cotai and then vegas.

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