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City of Dreams Construction Update - May 2008

Hardcore Macau tripper jcdarosa hit Cotai the other day and brought back a slew of photos for us. There's a lot of stuff to cover in his pics including Four Seasons Macao, Galaxy Cotai MegaResort and the subject of this installment - City of Dreams. Big hugs and thanks to jcdarosa for sharing his pix with us!

City Of Dreams May 2008

City of Dreams Construction Status - May 2008

From left to right : Crown Tower, Cotai, Grand Hyatt I (way in the back with the cranes), Hard Rock Cotai (R), Grand Hyatt II (behind Hard Rock). In the foreground we can see that the outlying buildings - presumably casino, retail, dining and the entertainment feature formerly known as 'The Bubble' are all beginning to show their form. To the right of the bubble (the dark oval) will be where the main pool will be located. The area that looks like a parking lot between the Grand Hyatt I and the airport is where the currently unnamed condo residence tower will be. It also looks like the 'bubble' will be accessible directly by foot from street level. It would definitely make quite a statement if it is the 'main' foot traffic entrance - instantly submerging visitors into a trance inducing psychedelic freak show before they make their way into the casino. A Wonkavator?

Both the Crown and Hard Rock towers appear to be topped out and the glass curtain wall, including their embedded visual features are screaming up the sides of the structure, with Hard Rock looking nearly complete. Speedy.

City Of Dreams Bubble May 2

The Bubble

You can't really tell from the photo, but it appears that the bubble's structure is complete, but its externals are wrapped in some kind of thick padded plastic covering, possibly to protect it from any falling construction debris. As we've mentioned previously, the 'bubble' will be a 10-15 minute long full sensory audio-visual light show extravaganza. I'm curious if the lights will be viewable on the outside of the dome itself. I'm curious what the area behind the green shed at the forefront is. Seems like it would be a prime spot for a night club, great views of the Cotai strip, pulsating lights from the bubble dome, open air cocktails and/or dining. Looks exciting.

Hard Rock Cotai May 2008

Hard Rock Cotai

The area up top that is covered by construction tarp is the Hard Rock's Sky Bar ultralounge. Can I drop an OMG? I'm curious how the highest 'trellis' of the tower will be lit at night as well as the 'ring' below it that opens up for the Sky Bar observation area. This could be the 'faucet' part of the spout effect - lights may spin around at the 'trellis' quickly, a little slower a the 'ring', setting the faucet's optical illusion into motion.

I'm getting goosebumps just imagining the possibilities.

Crown Cotai Tower May 2008

Crown Tower, Cotai

Construction of the shell appears complete, with the curtain wall eight floors from completion. To the top left, there is a two floor area that is open. I'm going to speculate that this could be either Crystal Lounge style VIP area, the Spa deck with infinity pool view (very possible since the floor below it is quite short), the check in area, dining, or a floor with many or all of the above.

Another interesting feature is the 'gauze like' gratings that ring the top of the building. It looks like these are wired for a Grand Lisboa styled LED display coordinated with the strips of waterfall lights mounted on the curtain wall. See detail below.

Crown Cotai Detail May 2008

Right now it looks like a construction site wrapped in yet another hazy day in Macau. If you turn the lights off in your mind and imagine a frothy foam of lights gurgling at the top.... periodically neon embers streaking down the side of the building (like the mushroom spawning bugs in the video game Centipede) where they splash into a bath of light emanating from 'the bubble'. Oh man.

Crown Cotai May 2008

Crown Cotai, Flip

Here's the opposite side of Crown Cotai. The dual floor spa deck seems to open out further to this side. I'm curious what the red 'ring' around the tower is just below the 'short' floor below the spa deck is. Possibly another feature?, or is this some kind of track to move the crane around on? I guess we shall see.

That's about it for City of Dreams status update. We'll have the other posts up in the next day or so. Thanks again to jcdarosa for sharing the photos... you rule.


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If you look at the construction photos from back in May, a LOT of progress has been made on CoD (link below to save you some browsing):


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