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City of Dreams Update / MelcoPBL Talk

I just got off the phone with a representative from MelcoPBL's corporate communications team who generously answered a ton of my questions about Crown Macau, City of Dreams and the Macau Peninsula project, code named 'Trinity'.

They kindly requested that we wait a little while to release some of the details we talked about - particularly related to City of Dreams - which we will happily oblige since they were nice enough to take the time to chat with us. Rest assured that CoD has some exciting features planned for the initial opening of the property as well as future phases.

What I can tell you is that City of Dreams will be topping out its construction in April, which will coincide with a major announcement outlining a lot of the details we spoke about and more. We'll start dropping some hints to these as the April date approaches.

They did answer nearly all of the questions that macauman submitted, and will be providing further details to fill in the blanks shortly. As soon as they get back to me with some of the nitty gritty, I'll post some of the stuff that is 'non-embargoed.'

Yeah yeah yeah. I know y'all are probably saying "Cmon Chuck... spill the beans!" and understandably so. However, in the interest of attempting to forge a relationship with MelcoPBL that will benefit all of us over the long term, we're going to have to exert a little patience here. I'm sure you understand.

Anyways, if you're not tuned into the blog via RSS and you're eager to get the goods on City of Dreams and other MelcoPBL projects, you definitely should.


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Hey Chuck, are we any closer to hearing any of the details alluded to in your post?? Rumor has it the topping with be April 1, hopefully not an April Fools joke......

melcopbl was supposed to get back to me about a handful of unanswered questions i had. we're getting close. i'll probably start dropping some of these next week... or you can | read | to fine others.

Thanks Chuck - I look forward to hearing more. Here's to hoping that the official news finally kick-starts MPEL's comotose stock!

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